Why we need to consider headless ecommerce

We all know competence of e-commerce is now moving towards AR, AI, VR, etc. Implementation of AR, AI capabilities are made super easy for headless commerce and delivers virtual feel for betterment of user experience.

Why we need to consider headless ecommerce

E-commerce is a more competitive business which faces so many obstacles for delivering better user experience. Traditional e-commerce system are fatty monolithic which are highly time consumable development and its delays the innovation of the platform.

Headless ecommerce is a separation of presentation and backend layer architecture, by decoupling these layer we get more flexibility for targeting multi platforms like iOS, Android, IoT, Web and etc made easy.

How does this impacts the customisation, as we mention that headless commerce will not have the presentation layer, We will have full freedom for customising the presentation layer which give more advantage over the traditional ecommerce system.

When we have existing content management system its made easy to extend the existing system and convert it into full-fledged ecommerce platform with the help of headless ecommerce.

This lady is not Yuen Qiu. If you know the lady with the cigarette in the movie Kung Fu Hustle, Yuen Qiu is what I see in her. I took this during the pre-Chinese new year photowalk.
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its really matters, In our busy life we people expect everything as fast possible. If we fail do! then we will lose the user. Keeping this in note, headless ecommerce will delivers the content much faster than the traditional platform.

How is this even possible?

Traditional ecommerce system compiles the data and the HTLM on the server and delivers the HTML to the client but headless ecommerce only delivers the data and the compiling will be done on the client side. This really reduce the weight lifting of the server and can handle more traffic than the traditional platform.


Data Servers
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In traditional ecommerce platform we can't scale the frontend and the backend separately but in headless commerce we have flexibility for scaling the backend alone or frontend if required.


Headless ecommerce uses RESTFull/GraphQL API which allow as to develop the application for any platform.

How to get started

Many leading frameworks and cloud based products supports ecommerce

  1. Shopify
  2. Bigcommerce
  3. Moltin


We have seen about headless ecommerce advantage over traditional ecommerce platform. We are see technology evolves day by day, ecommerce industry is moving ahead everyday. We could see big companies are adapting the headless architecture.