How to solve low latencies delivery in mobile application using AWS Wavelength

How to build mobile application that can work reliable on the low latencies mobile device with 5G networks using AWS Wavelength.

How to solve low latencies delivery in mobile application using AWS Wavelength

When we build mobile application scaling it globally will be challenging part luckily we use CDN and caching mechanism to solve this problem but will that be reliable on the mobile network? Unfortunately its a no!! we are not there yet.

To solve this further we have to build our mobile application as offline complaint.

AWS has recently announced its new product called Wavelength to solve this problem in a better way.

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They have promised to reduce the network latencies to nanoseconds which is single digit millisecond latencies to the mobile device which will improve the user experience faster than before.

How this is even possible with ultra low latencies of single digit milliseconds?

AWS has partner with the leading telecommunication with 5G networks for deploying the mobile applications on their datacenter using the AWS wavelength service.

All we need to do is to deploy our application on wavelength zones that will be the edge of 5G networks.

Official Telecommunication partners

  1. Verizon
  2. Vodofone Business
  3. KDDI
  4. SK Telecom

Wavelength features

  1. Ultra low latencies
  2. Improves Consistency
  3. Better Scaleability
  4. Globally Distributed  

Which mobile application should use AWS Wavelength

  1. Live gaming
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Machine Learning inference at the edge
  4. Augment Reality
  5. Virtual Reality
  6. Real Time chat application


We have seen the features and use case of AWS wavelength service, as I mentioned that AWS Wavelength is still in beta and its not yet available for public usage. I will keep posting on this, in upcoming receipt with AWS Wavelength.

You can request get access for closed beta here.