Building serverless and High Availability Web application with AWS Amplify

AWS amplify is a toolkit cli used to build the serverless and high availability application. cli creates and configures the required AWS service to build application.

Building serverless and High Availability Web application with AWS Amplify

AWS amplify has two major components CLI and the Client. CLI help to setup the services that are required to build the web application and the client are the javascript library helps to connect your services to the front end application.


  • API
  • Lambda
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Hosting

There are the services scaffolded when we initialise the AWS amplify CLI.


API service that allows us to setup the REST API or custom API that are built through the lambda functions.


We can also setup the Lambda functions and in other words serverless functions, using our generated client(javascript files) we can able to directly from the front end so easily.


Photo by AWS Amplify

AWS cognito is setup with the user pools, this will reduce the development effort by shipping the full feature user registration, recovery, authorization, ACL, Multifactor Authentication.


AWS amplify provides simple way for managing the user generated contents like images, documents, etc with the help of AWS s3. As we mentioned earlier its all setup out of the box.


5g network is creating more impact on the mobile communication market slowly day by day but still we face more issues on the consistent and more reliable mobile network, when we develop mobile application this problem will solve by adding the offline compatibility to the application.

With AWS amplify it setup Datastore on the device which will be efficiently architect with the RX pattern to make our mobile application work on even in unreliable mobile network. This will also improves the performance on the application in 10x.

AWS amplify enables RAPID development platform for the developer's.


We have seen how to build a serverless application using the AWS amplify service for more information about the AWS amplify refer this link